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Today Petplan issued 3 checks for the crisis I had with my dog, Honey. Honey is a rescue from Fla. She had endured abuse for several, possibly four years. Given this history, it is predictable that there will be issues later in life. Petplan has no age/condition limits other than pre-existing conditions. Other insurance companies I've been with say that, but when it comes to a claim there is some disclosure that I've never heard of...related to that breed of dog. NOT Pet plan. They accepted the medical records I was given at her rescue and are reimbursing me over $2,000 (80% minus $100 deductible) for this crisis. Plus, since this will be an ongoing condition they will consider the medication needed for Honey's life as one further deductibles for future medication. Most of all, several employees go well above and beyond...Lea straightened out all my records at 11:45 on a Friday night! Kristen responded immediately when I had questions and followed up with e-mail. I was reassured all the way, but the major concern was ALWAYS. for Honey. Any person who rescues an abused dog needs to have pet insurance, specifically from Petplan, so they can do the right thing as the dog ages...not make decisions on a lack of affordability. Again, there are no age restrictions, or health obstacles other than pre-existing conditions.

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addision's disease (unknown)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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