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This is a late Review but I have had pet insurance for my cat and now my new dog for the last 7 years. Thank God I got the insurance for my cat when I did, because he had an accident maybe no more than a month after I started the policy. I had paid a lot for previous vet bills so I did my research with different pet insurance companies, and to my surprise it didn't cost a lot to have insurance. I pay like $13 a month...something like that...anyways...we can spend $13 on nothing each month..and my pets are my children. So after a month holding insurance, I noticed my cat acting really affectionate but quiet...and not eating. Took him to the vet and they couldn't see anything on the x-rays or test...and my cat looking really sick and lethargic, they gave me the option of opening him up or taking him home and seeing how he responds to the fluids they gave him. I didn't think he would get any better seeing his condition and just by giving him fluids, so because I had pet insurance it gave me the capability of making the best decision to go ahead and operate since I knew I would get reimbursed, and low and behold...they took out a piece of what was part of his little mouse toy (fabric part) which got stuck in his intestines...and after a successful surgery he was as good as new! It would of been a big hesitation to make that decision if I had to come out of pocket $3000 for a decision which they said was last resort or not sure if something is in there, but they couldn't de

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swallowed an object
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Domestic Mediumhair

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