I can not express enough how great VPI is!

Out of 10

Gus had a hard year last year. He had an internal infection that cost over $2800, they had to open him up and go through his intestines and colon. He recovered with no problem. I had no second thought about spending the money because I knew I would get most of it back, either way I didn't care. Later that summer he had a growth on his toe. They did a biopsy, it came back malignant. He went into surgery the next day after I new of this. The biopsy was a little over $1000 I got back a little over $900. The amputation of his toe was just over $900, I got back every penny!! With what I spent plus Gus's small annual bill for insurance I saved almost $4000. I tell just about everyone I know that has and loves their pets to consider VPI. I have nothing bad to say at all, as long as I have pets they will have VPI!!

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Stomach issues and later cancer in his foot.
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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