Worse experience ever !! cumbersome & bureaucratic

Out of 10

My dog as 1 year old and unfortunately broke a leg. She got a surgery and now is fine. I contacted Embrace to be reembursed. Long story short... Embrace wanted a "detailed" report from every single time she had visited a vet... The criteria of what "detailed" is, only Embrace knows... And whatever to I had on record or the vet(s) sent was never enough. It took me over one month of calling to get it sorted. It is worthwhile to mention that everytime I called, I had talked with someone new on the call center that "repeated" the same speech for me to keep asking the vets. When I asked a supervisor or someone "in charge", they were never available to talk on the phone or to call back... I imagine if my dog was 5 years old. I would never be able to find all the "detailed" reports Embrace wants... I really felt that they were doing all possible to delay and prevent paying. in summary, i don't know if Embrace is better or worse than other pet insurance but I had a really BAD EXPERIENCE !!!

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Broken leg
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Over $1000


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Under a year

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