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Oliver aka Ollie is my 2 and a half year old pitbull. He is truly amazing – loving, loyal, sweet, full of kisses and always trying to see how much he can get away with. He is very energetic and well exercised on a daily basis and loves eating food…and leaves and twigs get the picture. So you can imagine how worried I became when he, all of a sudden, became lethargic and wouldn’t eat his food. After a couple vet visits, a blockage was discovered in his small intestine and emergency surgery was needed. At the emergency vet hospital, it was extremely stressful listening to all the things that could go wrong and the prices of everything was very high. Having VPI insurance (that has come through for my baby in the past), I didn’t hesitate and gave the go ahead for the procedures to be done. Later that day, the surgeon called to ask me if I had a cat at home and said he had removed something that looked like a fur ball to him (it turned out to be the tail of one of his toy bunny rabbits. I don’t have a cat) and added that Ollie was doing well but needed a couple days to recover in the hospital before he came home. At the end of it all, my bill was over $4000.00 of which VPI covered over 90%. If I did not have dog insurance, paying this bill would have added a lot of stress to the ordeal of having to see my baby go through all these procedures. He is back to his playful, loving, mischievous self! I’ve had Ollie, who is my heart, with me since he was a tiny puppy and

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surgery to remove object from intestine
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American Staffordshire Terrier

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