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My cat's name is Ivory and she just turned 7 on 08/01/2014. I have had Pet-first since she turned about 1.In the beginning ,I had the full well and sick/accident coverage. Just 2 years ago, I switched to only sick and accidental coverage. I have been very happy with the reimbursements over the years. Recently, in late May,Ivory went in for her annual check up with her vet, and a lump was found near her right hind thigh area. I was told to observe it and come back in 2 months for an ultrasound. I was back at the vet 3 days later ,with fluid and a mass on her entire thigh. That's when I was sent to the Blue Pearl hospital to have her worked up for the cause of this illness. She had to stay overnight and had may tests and a biopsy, confirming Fibrosacrcoma, a vaccine related cancer. Floored by this news, and heart broken, I chose to bring Ivory home and care for her in a hospice style. The prognosis is poor with this type of cancer, and I did not want her leg amputated and radiation treatments done ,the suggested plan by the hospital surgeon. In my research on Fibrosarcoma, even after amputation of a limb, this type of cancer comes back. I did not feel it was fair to Ivory, to put her through the pain and suffering these heroic measures would put her through, just to have her live a little longer.

The total bill was around $2,524.16. I submitted the claim form, and Pet First covered $2,226.74 .The generosity and kindness of such magnitude was truly appreciated and a G

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