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If you must find another home for your pet,even after the first visit, you are still liable for either the entire annual fee ($475.00)or your total costs from the first appmt without discounts whichever is less. But they said my actual costs would have been almost $600 so I had to pay the full annual fee minus the $150 I paid at the 1st appmt.I didn't even get several shots and the spay and neuter which was included because the kitten was still too young. You cannot transfer the plan to a new owner. WHAT ? attention Better Business Bureau.I think what they say are the actual costs are inflated so it looks like you save more than you do. I've never heard of a young kitten cost $600 for its first vet appmt.My dog has been on the plan for one year and started her second year.I can't cancel hers without the same scam. It would renew next year but I doubt I will renew. The hours are good.I think they already have a new vet from when I started.If they didn't have this cancellation scam going on, I might have considered it. Just a big mess to get yourself into.Don't even start.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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