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When I adopted my mixed breed dog from the shelter, I never expected her to have such an allergy problem! She was perfect for the first 7 months and then whammo! Sudden on-set allegies. My vet told me that that was very common and that allergies usually don't present themselves until about 2 years of age - just when my dog started itching! Her allergies have continued for the last 4 months and PetPlan has been great about covering all of her medications and vet visits. Since there are no time limits per "illness", I've only had to meet my $200 deductible one time for this on-going allergy treatment.
I didn't have pet insurance with my first dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, and he cost me $52,000 in vet bills over the 17 years of his life - all out of my pocket! I can't tell you how happy I am that I purchased this pet insurance. PetPlan has paid my claims very quickly - usually within 2 weeks! Hopefully, this little girl, a mixed Yorkie/Maltese, won't have as many medical issues as my first baby! But if she does, I know that PetPlan will be there to help with the expenses.

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