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I bought the best breed of dog I could, from the best breeder, and took all appropriate steps to ensure his continued good health such as going to a highly recommended vet for checkups and shots, when/as recommended. The vet mentioned pet insurance and suggested we consider simply saving up the amount we would have paid in premiums, but I did some chatting with other dog owners and heard just how much a vet bill could be for, say, a broken leg (and my puppy loves to tear around like mad!). I decided to buy the Ontario SPCA Unlimited coverage: it's unlimited and has a $500 per year Wellness Plan which covered part of his neuter (he had an issue that complicated it and upped the cost beyond $500), and in subsequent years, will cover heart worm testing/prevention, shots, physicals, teeth etc to $500 a year. Makes sense: encourages one to prevent illness/see a vet regularly.I must say that when I signed up for the insurance, I had some trouble getting a copy of the Wellness endorsement from the insurer: I had to phone 4 times and sit on hold each time before I received it, and I had to print my own policy off the internet, which was a big hassle, but I wanted to know what I had bought, including the exclusions. Some of the lines of the policy were cut off in printing...sure wish the insurer would simply mail the details out, rather than force one to retrieve them one's self....sole service issue I've had with the insurer.
We'll never know what the cause was, but my puppy

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A-V block in his heart.
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Poodle

Age of Pet
Under a year

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