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I got VPI for my dog, Bailey, and my cat, Buster, in 2002. Bailey was 3 and Buster was 8. The only major claims for Buster was euthanasia/private cremation when the time came (at age 14) and the health issue that took him from me. When Bailey was 5, she broke her right, back leg. It was a bad break, 5 bone shards, and the doggy orthopedic surgeon tried to fix it twice with plates and pins. It finally came down to removing the leg or putting her down. She was only 5, so putting her down was NOT an option. The surgeon did not charge me for the amputation, but the rest of the surgeries and pre/post care came to about $3600. I honestly cannot remember what I was reimbursed, but I know it was more than half the cost. I had the highest level of coverage with cancer endorsement. It more than paid for itself at that point (in my opinion). I had other, smaller claims over the years but luckily nothing as large as that first one. I know I paid more in premiums over the years than I had claims, but the peace of mind it gave me, knowing that if something huge happened again, I would be able to handle the cost with VPI's help. The only thing with VPI, if something is a pre-existing condition that has been treated prior to your coverage, it's always pre-existing and will never be covered, even if your pet isn't treated for years for the issue. Bailey needed extra eyelashes removed as they were rubbing her corneas. VPI considered this "cosmetic" but they would pay for treatm

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broken leg
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Eskimo Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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