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I was a bad boy and gotten into my mommy's purse, by opening it up looking for something yummy to snack on...Instead, I found her Ventolin Inhaler and thought it was some weird treat..When I bit into it, it went off in my face and next thing I knew, my heart was beating really really fast. So fast It scared my mommy enough to call the Vet's office at 10pm. She rushed me in and I had to stay the night for 2 days without her. Turns out my heartbeat was at 220 bpm and I couldn't go home till it was 100 bpm. Thanks to Healthy Paws Insurance, they were able to help my mommy out after I was home with the Vet's bill. Now I am doing great, running around, playing with Coconuts and staying away from her purse. Woof Woof Ruff Ruff Healthy Paws
Mommy here....It was very scary that my baby of little over 4 yrs Bloodhound/Black Lab names Stitch had this happen. Even worse that, that my Ventolin Inhaler could do that to him. For a 115 lb puppy, it was scary to feel his heartbeat feel like about to jump out of his chest. I am glad that the Vet's and Heathy Paws were and are here to help me. My insurance with them is 90% and $100...that was my choice...They even checked up on Stitch to see if he's ok that week from coming home and a week later to just make sure. Thanks again Healthy Paws

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