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My Rottweiler tore her cruciate ligament and we had the surgery for over $4000. Wen we sent in the form they told us it was a pre-existing injury bc my dog went to the vet 7 months prior bc she was limping on that leg. Come to find out my dog had a lesion on her paw pad for that leg. Ointment for three weeks fix the problem and then she had no more limping and was fine. The vet documented this and also put in her records that there were no signs of joint or ligament damage in my dogs back leg. However the claims adjuster is fixated on the one thing that goes in their favor which was my dog had the leg examined. I asked them what am I supposed to do never bring my dog to the vet because if I bring them for a foot injury that will be pre-existing for a future knee injury? I filled out a reassessment form and is now been four months and still no resolution. I even have the supervisors number and she does not return my calls. Beware. I will take the scumbags to court if need be.

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Tore cruciate ligament
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/18/2014

Any results from this? Are they still scumbags?