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Our British Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bronx has been having seizures as his seizures became more frequent we decided to get a second opinion at Texas A&M. After a full day at the teaching veterinary hospital with Bronx and $2,200 bill for all the test that was run, Bronx was diagnosed with a mass tumor on his ride side of his brain. You can't imagine the devastation and sadness that overcame me. The last of my worries was the payment to Texas A&M. I had little if any expectation that this may be covered but at least I got to the root cause of the seizures. I was pleasantly surprised when PetPlan paid $1,751. We have decided to do radiation therapy for Bronx to try and prolong his life and am confident that PetPlan will be there to ease the burdens that come along with a sick dog.

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