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One day my husband and I noticed we were both filling our Brittany's water dish several times a day. We figured 12 cups in a day seemed too much, so called the vet, who said yes, that would be a symptom of a problem. Our vet did a blood test and found our Suzie Ruby had extremely high electrolytes in her blood and a urine test showed almost no specific gravity. She thought Suzie might have salt poisoning, but there had been no opportunity for her to get into something salty. Two days on IV with worsening condition, we were referred to the Seattle Veterinary Specialists vet hospital. Six days later, after numerous tests, they concluded she had diabetes insipides central, a rare condition for a dog. Essentially her pituitary gland no longer produces the hormone that tells her kidneys to consolidate her urine, so she is dehydrated regardless of how much water she drinks. We don't know what caused it, as we didn't choose to have her undergo the $2000 brain MRI that would have told us whether she has a brain tumor or perhaps had a stroke, since brain surgery to remove a tumor would be too risky and nothing could be done about a stroke -- we didn't want her to undergo general anesthesia just to satisfy curiosity about a cause for which the vet said there would be no remedy. She'll be on medication the rest of her life, but what luck that we were observant enough to notice her water consumption as she would have been in very serious trouble had we not got her to the vet and

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diabetes insipides central
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