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Daisy (our Pembroke Welsh Corgi) has been healthy and happy since the day we got her and she is only 4 years old. I was definitely a fence sitter on if I should even get Pet Insurance but I decided to get it around 9 months ago for Daisy. A few weeks ago without warning Daisy came down with what we discovered was Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. She started vomiting and became very lethargic very quickly and had to spend several days in our local 24 hour pet hospital. Daisy definitely gave us a huge scare and thankfully she came through everything and she is back to her happy normal self. The vet bill was definitely a shocker but Healthy Paws covered 90% of Daisy's very large bill (Over $2,700) without question and had us a check in just a few days. I am very thankful for Healthy Paws and i'm now very glad I got off the fence and got pet health insurance and I'm happy I chose Healthy Paws.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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