Pay attention to your Policy Benefits and DATES!!!

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We took our two year old Terrier to our Vet for her annual exam - We have been using this Vet for 30 years, he is highly regarded in his profession and he himself had recommended Pets Best...
Generally speaking, we have been very pleased with the few claims we've had to submit.

HOWEVER, we would CAUTION all policy holders of any pet insurance company to be AWARE of previous exam DATES - in this case, we had our dog's annual exam performed TWO DAYS prior to the completion of one year, and Pet's Best, despite a request to reconsider reimbursement (we have the Wellness plan), has denied our request for reimbursement. We are not in the habit of checking the precise date when the annual exam is performed, perhaps this is our fault - but that Pet's Best would not even consider an exception is very, very disappointing. The sum we sought for reimbursement would have been just shy of $200, and considering our policy's monthly cost is $82 has left us with a sour taste.

The obvious lesson here is to be sure you have passed 365 days before repeating an annual exam. We think Pet's Best fails at the "Wellness" plan option - we are paying additional for it yet it's disappointing that they would not even consider an exception - even once - they claim they are bound by the contract limitations bound by the insurance underwriters...

If you expect reimbursements, especially for annual exams and the Wellness portion, be aware of this!...

Just as our doggie says, we too say Grrr

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Annual Exam
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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