They have priced me out after 4 years

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Just received the renewal quote and fell off my chair as 25%! The first year when dog was puppy, it was $275 followed by; $306; $396, and now next month's renewal is $495 so I am cancelling as the risk return is now too high for a healthy dog whose parents had good genetics.
I purchased Pet Plan insurance for my aussie puppy when he was less than a year old in 8/10. I have had the same coverage each year bronze ($8,000 annual max just increased to $10,000 which I don't want or need) with a $200 deductible and 100% coverage PER ILLNESS - not year - so if he had an accident and illness, the deductible must be met each time (except for specialists which is only 80% on all their options).

I have had two minor claims which each paid out less than $200 for diarrhea. He will be 5 in September and I his parents were tested for hips and elbows so it’s very unlikely he will have any genetic issues at this point. Certainly he might have a big claim but it’s come to the point where it’s cheaper to self-insure as even if the cost stayed flat for five years; it would be $2,500... but it will go up :(

Good customer service and fast claims processing but I can't help but wonder if the increases are because they pay out too much to certain accident prone owners (based on their magazine articles going over cases each issue :(

So considering Healthy Paws where I enrolled my cat last year or will pay as I go. Their cost would be similar but the deductible covers all claims for a yea

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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