This is a RIP OFF

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I was looking for a new vet to take my pom to and since he WAS getting groomed inside of petsmart I decided to go try Banfield. Such a waste of our time and money! The veterinarian said it would be a good idea if I got the wellness plan because my dog's visit was going to be $100 from the wellness plan anyway then she gave me the run down of the plan and office visits, so I decided to get it. This is fraud because every time I take my pom in for a visit I have to come out of pocket for something adding to my monthly payments. The visits takes well over hour and I'm out of $200 more than I would have initally been without the plan this plan claim to have discounts, but I haven't seen one discount yet. Don't buy any plans from Banfield if your dog is in great health and doesn't need to be seen often.

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check up visits
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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