The BEST customer service I have EVER encountered

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Before you read my full review, please note that it took 3+ weeks to process the claim because my vet failed to provide proper documentation. This was NOT because of Healthy Paws.
I signed Delta up for Healthy Paws pet insurance in September/October 2013. Delta is a big lab mix and would run with me daily. Around Thanksgiving/early December I noticed Delta was beginning to limp on his back left leg. After rest he seemed fine, but soon began limping again. Sometime there after he was diagnosed with a torn ACL. Delta had TPLO surgery to correct the torn ACL in February 2014. Having a sick/injured pet is stressful enough, but the financial strain makes it even more overwhelming.

With that being said, I cannot thank the staff at Healthy Paws enough. They were there to answer every question I had regarding my claim, even contacting my vet frequently to ensure the proper forms were submitted. And they were in constant communication with me, via phone and email, to keep me updated on the status of my claim. I have never dealt with such caring, helpful, understanding customer service individuals in my life. There customer service makeup should be an industry standard for ALL (human and pet) insurance companies.

In the end, Healthy Paws saved me over $2000. If you have a pet, I would recommend Healthy Paws to you until I am "blue in the face." Because of Healthy Paws I know Delta will always be afforded the best possible veterinary care. They really do care about

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TPLO - Torn ACL in the knee
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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