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I have been using 24 Pet Watch since 2002 for my Leonberger, Julie, and then added my other dog, Gable, also a Leonberger in 2006 after he joined my family. Both were 8 week old puppies when I insured them. My first issue was in 2004 when my first dog had a UTI with struvite crystals and then all UTI's were then not covered because they deemed it a pre-existing condition. I spoke with my vet who said that struvite crystals are not necessarily caused by kidney disease and that it was as a result of the infection. Not to mention that the infections were treated after she was insured with them and she had been insured with the company from the time I brought her home. At the time I didn't contest it, both because I was told 18 months without infection would have to pass before it could be re-evaluated. Since no infection happened in 10 years I didn't bother to address the issue. Fast forward then years and she got a UTI. I submitted the claim a few months after the treatment and immediately after her death. The claim amount is a whopping $39 and they are refusing to pay on the grounds it is a pretty-existing condition. Like ten years without an infection is not enough time to prove it isn't a chronic kidney condition that is pre-existing! Now they claim when I said I want to contest their decision that it can't be contested because she is deceased and re-evaluation can only be done for a live animal going forward for future claims. I argued this as well and now they say there is a gap in her medical history for that time period. Of course there is a gap! She wasn't treated for the ailment in that time period!
As others have complained getting through to speak to a customer service rep takes a minimum of 30 minutes, up from just a few minutes and then about ten minutes in past years. They give you tha option of leaving you name and phone number to call you back, but they never do. When I called the day I had to put my dog down to notify them of her death after waiting over a half hour I left my name and number, but there was never a return call. When I called back a few days later after the weekend passed and complained a return call was never made an empty apology was made. They then listed her date of death as the date I called instead of the actual date. This resulted in the reimbursement for the remainder of the billing period to be incorrect by $10. They did eventually right this error, but I had to point it out to them.

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Death, UTI
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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