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I insured my Doberman puppy when he was 4 mo old. Puppies being puppies, I figured he would end up getting into something. Trupanion said the younger the age I start the insurance the better because at his age he hasn't typically developed any problems. They cover illnesses that develop 30 days after being on insurance and injuries are covered immediately. They do direct billing with many vets in my home city of Calgary. I really like that as vet bills are often VERY outrageous. Vets sure like to over charge. They don't have a list available to show who does direct billing; too hard to keep track for them. It will be up to the insured to ask about direct billing with your vet. The insurance I got for Tracer was one that gave me the best coverage. Zero deductible-meaning I don't have to pay a certain percentage of vet costs before they cover the rest, with 90% reimbursement of my bill, minus the cost of the exam fee. Upon my first claim they expressed sincere concern. It was clear in the tone and pitch of the rep I spoke to that they love animals. I was provided with good customer service with a bit of a personal touch. I was given good direction as to what I needed to do for my 1st, hopefully last, claim. I received an emailed form to bring to my vet to fill out within minutes of calling Trupanion so I was able to get Tracer to the Dr quickly. This saved me from having to make two trips to my vet- one for my puppy & one to submit form. It helps if the vet assistants at the

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/14/2014

Thanks for the great review Athena, and I hope Tracer is feeling much better!
I just wanted to add one note to your review: while you are correct that our waiting period for illness is 30 days, we do also have a 5 day waiting period for accidents rather than the immediate coverage that you mentioned.