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I adopted a 5 yr old rescue miniature poodle mix who was very thin. I had already lost a dog to cancer and one to kidney failure so know what a financial burden that can be. I didn't want $ to be the deciding factor on the type of care I was able to provide him. Having no medical background info on him, I decided to research pet insurance.
I spent a lot of time looking into the various companies. I chose Trupanion and have been very happy with the Policy benefits.

As it turned out, Buddy had stomach problems that started a few months after the adoption and the bills began. Special food, tests, daily meds all trying to control his symptoms. Finally was referred to a gastric specialist (cha-ching!). At this point I was facing an endoscopy and an ultrasound. I figured I better look into that policy I bought!

I submitted all the bills I had to that point and spoke with them regarding how much they would pay towards these procedures. Since bills were for the same chronic problem, they applied them to my deductible (per diagnosis). Once that was satisfied, I received payments for 50% of the special vet-Rx canned food & 90% for prescriptions and procedures & will FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE! Hopefully we will find a cure, but if he requires lifetime meds for this same condition, Trupanion will continue to help pay for them.

I fax in my claims, and Trupanion processes them and I have a check usually within a week.

Knowing that I could give him the best possib

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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