VPI pet insurance is unfortunately a joke...

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VPI pet insurance is unfortunately a joke... I have a boxer who seems to have some bad luck and fortunately, or so we thought, we had pet insurance to help cover any emergency expenses. I have made a total of 3 claims, 1 of which was for a general visit which included heart worm medication and basic testing (received about $55 out a total of about $205) and the other were for a emergency foreign body removal (total was around $2200 and I think I received about $375 back) after he swallowed something and needed it surgically removed. the 2nd major event was just this year for mast cell tumor removal surgery. Common with boxers and 8 little lumps total all superficial. The total for that was $2987 Under category A (Primary testing and surgery) it covered only $350! Under category B (Testing) $654 was billed and only $168 was covered. Finally under C General anesthesia $677 was billed and only $105 was covered. I even spoke with a representative before agreeing to the surgery and she told me a whole different story and I was expecting about $1200 back. So basically this final surgery I was paying out of pocket $4,318 and VPI only covered $560 or just under 13%... $383 per year for 5 years ($1915 paid to VPI total) means this was a total waste of money and as much as I want to love having medical coverage having it through VPI simply doesn't make sense.

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Foreign Body Removal
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/17/2014

Are you sure you didnt perhaps sign up for the basic plan and not the ultimate plan? Sounds to me like you probably went with the cheapest plan. Dont get me wrong - I still encourage people to get pet insurance. Even if they can only afford the cheapest plan. But keep in mind that plan will only pay for basic checkups. For my black lab the difference between the basic plan and the top of the line plan is 20 bucks. Well worth it to me.\
Anyways - sorry to hear about this experience. I am very pleased with VPI but I encourage you to maybe try another vendor. Your boxer deserves medical coverage and I know you are a responsible owner because you signed them up for pet insurance. That shows me that you care and are responsible. Maybe call your vet and ask who they recommend.

- Fellow Pet Insurance Holder & animal lover -