ASPCA insurance does not provide stated coverage.

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I had this insurance for three years with no claims, but when my dog developed unresolved diarrhea, weight loss and anxiety I had my vet examine her. He diagnosed colitis and prescribed an oral paste for the diarrhea, anxiety meds to calm her from the cramping and diarrhea, and a prescription probiotic food additive to allow her gut to absorb her food. The prescription dog food was expensive, but I did accept that as my expense to help her calm her gi system down-- but the insurance would not pay for the paste for diarrhea (really???) or for the anxiety prescription (did the colitis cause the anxiety, or vice-versa?), nor did they pay for the prescribed probiotic needed to help her gut calm down and absorb the food. This is not something I can buy over-the-counter, it was a prescription by her vet. I trust that my vet has the medical training to know what was needed, and she has resolved the episode of diarrhea. I cancelled my subscription to this non-insurance-I'm better off to put that monthly fee aside each month and pay for veterinary bills on my own.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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