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I will be more than happy to write up this review giving a "10+" rating to Trupanion Pet Insurance and their caring and prompt service. Our family adopted our American Pit Bull Terrier, Ke'ala from a high-kill shelter in Southern California last August, 2013. She was 14 weeks old and just fit into our family very well. She came to us with numerous "Cooties" from the shelter such as worms and other intestinal maladies, but with the great care from our fantastic vets at Rolling Hills Animal Hospital in San Pedro, CA, she grew up into a beautiful animal. She turned 1 on 6/8/14, and a week later, things took a strange turn. She started limping, and when we took her to our vet, she was x-rayed and diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. The x-rays also revealed a wedging of her spinal bones which was very concerning to our vet. Within 24 hours, Ke'ala was lame (she could not walk more than 3 steps without collapsing) with signs of neurological symptoms of lack of sensation /pain response in her back legs. We took her to a speciality hospital which evaluated her right away. They were great. But TRUPANION was just awesome. Their critical "pre-authorization" process got her the care she needed right away along with the security that we would not have to worry with covering this payment. Not only did they cover her neuro work-up, but again due to the critical pre-authorization process, they covered her 1st of 4 proposed surgeries that allow her to walk again. TRUPANION IS A GOD S

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