PetPlan is piece of mind to let our dogs be dogs.

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PetPlan has been a reliable part of my dog's veterinary emergency care. We have submitted three claims for two different dogs over the past 18 months. The submission process is clear and straightforward. The only issue we had was with our vet office not knowing what to do with the paperwork. All three times we have received our reimbursements within 30 days of the vet visit / surgery. Our older female has had emergency surgery twice for the same condition and it was covered both times.I could just never do without pet insurance. It lets me relax and let our dogs be dogs. We are active people and take our dogs camping and hiking and we know if they were to ever get hurt we wouldn't have to worry about the vet bill. I never want to have to make decisions about my dog's health based on finances. PetPlan and their wonderful policies allow us that piece of mind.
The fact that PetPlan covers reproductive health as well is the reason why we chose them. An emergency c-section is a very frightening thing and we have had the unfortunate luck to have this happen twice. Each time the surgery was a life saving event. Both for our girl and for some of her pups. Thank you! This rare breed, responsible breeder appreciates it!!!

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