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Toby, my beloved 1 yr and 4 mo old chihuahua, ate something very bad. One morning he was straining terribly to go to the bathroom (with blood in his stool) and foaming and drooling at the mouth. I rushed him to the vet. The vet thought he may need emergency surgery, however, the ultrasound and X-rays did not show any major obstruction in his GI tract, so that was not necessary. But he was so sick he had to be hospitalized and on IV for two days. I was so nervous I would have done anything to get him better. It was never fully determined what he ate (a piece of a toy, something outside, etc.) to get him so ill. :(
Less than a month after I got Toby Healthy Paws pet insurance, this happened. They were so helpful and caring in assisting me to process my first claim. Being my first claim and having to submit his entire health record, I was informed that it takes a longer for the first claim to process so I would be reimbursed within 7 to 10 days. They covered everything I was expecting to be covered and I did get reimbursed within that time frame. Healthy Paws saved me A LOT of money and was so supportive. They even contacted me to see how Toby was doing after I got reimbursed.

I did my homework and by far this is the best pet insurance. You really have to read ALL the fine print when selecting a carrier. For instance, they cover tax (some others don't), and for a large bill that could be a big expense in itself. I would recommend Healthy Paws to first experienc

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