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Our little (well, not so little) girl, Nala, took an accidental slip and fall on the floor while excitedly trying to greet my son as he was coming in the door. In true Saint Bernard fashion, nothing is done on a small scale and what I originally thought was a sprain, turned out to be a torn ACL.
The history is that we enrolled Nala only four months ago with Trupanion (when we enrolled our other pup). I truly expected that we would be turned down on our pre-authorization for her $3500+ (so far) treatment of the ACL tear because we were so new to Trupanion. In all honesty, I fully expected that our family would front the total cost of the TPLO.

I received a phone call (not email - Trupanion delivers PERSONALIZED service) from Emma who let me know that Trupanion would be happy to cover Nala's surgery (less the usual deductible, exam fee and 10% co-insurance) ... let me tell you, the tears of relief flowed. I couldn't believe it ... such an amazing company willing to honor everything they originally said when I enrolled her.

As I'm typing this, Nala is four days post surgery and soundly snoring beside me. She is healing well.

The other incredible thing about Trupanion is that I didn't have to wait weeks or months for reimbursement. Less than 24 hours after Nala's surgery, our vet clinic submitted the invoices to Trupanion. Less than 48 hours after her surgery, Trupanion sent an email letting us know that all was covered AND less than 72 hours, Trupanion let

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