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My dog developed right temporal muscle atrophy (his head looked like it was caving in, very frightening!) He underwent some testing, & then began treatment for an autoimmune disease. When treatment was unsuccessful, he underwent more testing, including an MRI. The neurologist said don't expect much from your pet insurance for reimbursement, he said I would be lucky they pay 50%. So after 5 years, I finally had to submit my first claims & I wasn't sure what to expect. Petplan came through! Reimbursement was exactly what it should've been under our plan's agreement. Turns out my buddy has a trigeminal nerve tumor, untreatable with surgery or radiation. It's a devastating diagnosis for us, but Petplan has made things alot easier for us financially. Thank you Petplan!

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Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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