PetPlan has changed terribly

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Wow, has PetPlan changed. We've been with them for our three pets for several years. Within the last year, PetPlan went from paying reasonable claims in a timely manner to fighting and denying everything. I wouldn't put any weight on older reviews since this PetPlan is unrecognizable from when it was good and is horrible now.
Claims used to be processed in about a week. We now have claims that are nearly two months old that haven't been processed. When questioned, meaning you have to call them, it seems that somehow at the six-week mark, PetPlan decides they need more information. But they don't do anything about it. They don't bother to tell you. PetPlan doesn't bother to contact your vet, either. You have to follow up vigilantly and multiple times. PetPlan must make money that way by exhausting customers to give up on a claim or PetPlan counts on a certain percentage of customers to not follow up. In the last year, the records that our vet has to hassle to fax them get inexplicably but conveniently lost. Maybe part of it is gross incompetence, but whatever the reasons why PetPlan fails to do the one thing you pay them to do, it's really unacceptable.

We actually just experienced two phone representatives outright lying about why a claim was denied. It was easy to prove because they lied about what was on the vet's notes, which was to explain away why they were denying a very straightforward claim. So we got a copy of the vet's notes and armed with that, I called bac

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

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Over 8 years

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Posted: 07/02/2014

I am so surprised to see this review. I have just had claims of over $5000 paid with no issue. I was visiting the vet weekly trying to treat my cat and avoid surgery - but in the end we had to do the surgery which cost $2377 - and I was reimbursed over $2000 within 2 weeks!

Posted: 08/15/2014

This sounds exactly like the Pet Plan experience I've had. They do their best to not pay you back, and they don't respond to you with hopes you'll forget or give up. When they finally send you reimbursement checks, all too often they are not the correct amount and you have to go back through the hassle to get the rest of your money from them. Terrible.