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I've never purchased pet insurance before, but after $10K+ in vet bills for my cat, I changed my tune. My sister researched insurance, and suggested Healthy Paws as the best out there. And they are! The policy is clearly written, so you know what is covered and what is not. And if you get confused, as I sometimes do, the Healthy Paws team is quick and responsive; answering questions and providing clear explanations. The coverage is great; after deductible and not-covered exam fees, my policy covers 90%, no fuss. Claims are handled with exceptional speed! Our 5-year old pup DJ recently had a significant laceration on her hind leg. Luckily, it looked worse than it turned out to be, but it has been a tough couple of weeks. I can say that during the 30 minutes or so of panic, and several hours in emergency services, we never once worried about the bill, because of Healthy Paws insurance.

This morning I received a un-looked for a very sweet follow-up email from Healthy Paws. I see from other reviews it is a standard practice, which I think is wonderful, and shows great customer service! They'd already mailed the reimbursement check within a few days of the claim being filed, but were just checking up to see how DJ was doing. I'm very appreciative of the responsiveness, and genuine caring attitude of Healthy Paws! It is my pleasure to rate them highly here, and encourage all pet owners out there to check out their great website and create a coverage plan for your pet. You will be glad you did!

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laceration in hind leg
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Over $1000

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