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About 1 year ago we purchased a chocolate Lab puppy we named Kady. About 4 months after bringing her home we found that she was limping...limping was more pronounced after exercise. After reviewing the X rays the vet believed that the limping was the result of normal growing pains that would pass in time.
Well time passed but the limping didn't. We eventually saw a veternairy orthopedist who took additional X-rays and diagnosed Kady as having Elbow dyslpasia in both of her front elbows and severe arthritis.
Between the X rays and surgery (completed 2 weeks ago) Kady's bills were over $5000.
I have become a bit of a cynic over the last number of years especially of the insurance industry.... so I was anticipating difficulties with coverage, limits, condition my surprise Healthy Paws promptly issued checks for the amount we were entitiled to according to her policy. They have also been kind enough to check in with us regarding her condition.
I am amazed and impressed by the way they do business and their concern for our pets. I cannot say enough good things about them and how they treated us and Kady. We have hope that Kady will finally get to be the puppy and adult dog she could not be previously due to her condition.
Thank You Healty Paws!

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Elbow Dysplasia FMCP
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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Under a year

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