Can't recommend Healthy Paws enough!!

Out of 10

If you happen to be debating getting pet insurance, this story is for you. Last week Hilde woke up not herself – super sluggy, drooly, just looking miserable. We took her to our vet and they decided she should stay overnight due to her rapidly increasing fever. After a whole myriad of tests they discovered she had a nasty case of bronchitis. She's on her way to a full recovery but Will and I would be seriously hurting if we were on the hook for the whole bill.
We pay $33/month for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and they have reimbursed ~90% of our vet bills. We're only paying ~$200 of a $1500 bill for two days of intensive care and lots of iv fluids, meds, and tests. On top of that they have already cleared our claim, so we should have the check by the end of the week. Seriously can't recommend these guys enough!!

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