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Hello to you all!

Thanks for your concern about Nemo. He is doing much better. He is now able to eat and has gained back up to his 9 pounds. His surgery scar looks nicely healed, the drain site also. We are keeping fingers crossed that the rest of his recovery is going to continue as uneventful. We don't want any surprises down the road so we are being careful with him and keeping follow up appointments religiously!

It is so wonderful to see his wonderful personality return, and he is able to keep himself clean now. We didn't realize how sad his coat was looking until after the surgery. Wow! We were really dense not to see his problem, but it did come on gradually.

Thanks again for your concern, and thank you for covering his first bills for this and also for helping with our bills for his major sugery. I shudder to think what would have happened if we didn't have Healthy Paws insurance for him!


Helen Heller

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