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Our GSD pup Mischka Von Lucian became very ill shortly before Christmas, 2014. She wouldn't eat, had severe nausea, stomach pain and other very unpleasant symptoms. After multiple trips to the Vet, with many tests/scans which could not fully determine the cause of her symptoms (and with our pup getting tired and worse off), she was finally referred to a larger Hospital facility, where it was determined that exploratory surgery was needed to try to find out what was causing her pain and symptoms.

We spent the holidays monitoring and helping to nurse our baby back to health.

I could literally go on and on about how caring this company is, how concerned everyone was about our Mischka's health each time I needed to call to ask a question and even how incredibly smooth the entire process was. But what I'd like to share with anyone who does not have this insurance for their pet is my very sincere recommendation to please look into doing so as soon as you can!

The numbers tell the story (rounded up): $4,400 in allowed Vet/Hospital bills/$3,600 reimbursed by Trupanion. And I have to add that barely one week passed between our date of submission to approval of the claim to finally having a check in our hands. My husband and I were extremely impressed!

I can speak from our personal experience that this kind of response is not typical of all pet insurance companies. A few years ago, when our beloved Beagle needed spinal surgery and rehab - a total cost out of pocket of $10,000 - that the insurance company that we had her insured with for 7 years REFUSED TO PAY A DIME. They seemed more intent on finding reasons NOT to pay the claim, than caring for the pet insured with them. Needless to say, we dropped that company. But when I learned about Trupanion from a colleague at work shortly after that bad experience, I knew that from that point forward any other pets that joined our family would be insured with this company. We welcomed Mischka into our "pack" a year later (she joined Kinsey O'MacKinsey the Irish Beagle & Mr. Trevor the Little Black Dog). I am so happy that friend and colleague shared the word with us about Trupanion. It is clearly one of the best decisions we have made regarding our pet's care.

And oh, yes! I am happy to report that Mischka Von Lucian is well and as happy and energetic as ever. Thanks so much, Trupanion, for not only talking the talk...but also walking the walk!

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