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My pet had emergency back surgery on Memorial Day 2014. My husband and I had to bring our Dachshund Deiter up to U.C. Davis as this was the only place where we could bring him for an emergency visit on a Saturday. We were required to pay $4,000 up front, and the entire ordeal cost us over $6,000. We are in a difficult financial situation and this unexpected expense hit us hard. Not only was VPI very helpful in expediting our claim, but they were instrumental in assisting me in getting the proper information associated with our pet's emergency visit such that we were able to get more of the expenses covered and reimbursed to us. They told us what to ask for, who to speak with, and how to submit the claim so that it was processed quickly. It was a Godsend!

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Degenerative Disc Disease - Back
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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