Trupanion Paid $30,867 in less than a year

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I just read through some of the reviews for Trupanion and I can't believe anyone would have anything but great things to say about this company. My experience has been 100% positive.

I read a couple of the negative reviews that Trupanion didn't pay for hardly anything. What I tell people is, don't wait until your pet has a condition. Get the insurance just in cast. When I share my story I am amazed when people say I will wait until my pet is older. Big mistake, it's a gamble because animals get sick when they are young also. I just got lucky because I signed up when my dog was completely healthy with no health issues and he was older.

I was in Pet Food Express in Mill Valley, CA and one of the staff recommended pet insurance for my 10 year old Doberman. Hugh was in excellent health and I could not for see him ever having any health issues however, I wanted to make sure if he did I could give him the very best care without worrying about the cost of care.

If you are looking for pet insurance I can't say enough great things about Trupanion. Trupanion reimbursed $30,867 in less than a year for my 12 year old Doberman Hugh. My deductible was $500 and they paid 90% after the deductible with no limit. The service is also amazing. Each time I called, I have had a very friendly healthful representative. The company is made up of animal lovers.

I signed up with Trupanion on July 10th, 2012. Hugh was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma (bone cancer in his back leg) August 12th, 2013. I scheduled surgery with an orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco.
They amputated his leg August 14th. Trupanion called right after the surgery to ask, how's Hugh doing? Not once was the amount of his care brought up. They were genuinely concerned about how he was doing.

The bills for the week of surgery were over $9000 and then they continued because I had to act fast because they gave him less than 6 months to live if I did not do chemo. Even though Trupanion would pay for chemo which is very expensive, I did not want to go this route for treatment. I choose to treat Hugh holistically and Trupanion paid for all the holistic care and supplements that the vet prescribed.

After a few weeks of recovery I put him into rehab. Hydro therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic. Trupanion paid 90% of all his therapy because, I had purchased the additional rider.

Hugh had an amazing year but, the cancer finally caught with him July 25th, 2014. Thanks t

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Posted: 12/17/2014

I was denied a claim when my pet got a sever case of pancreatis even though she had never had it before. The reason was due to the fact she had been to the vet before for throwing up. However she had never had any issues with Pancreatitis before. That was the reason I was given by the rep on the phone for Trupanion. I told her vomiting wasn't a medical condition it was a symptom of a condition. Then I said so you are telling me that if my dog got hit by a car and she throws up you would consider this a preexisting condition, that is what you are pretty much doing by denying this claim. This company stinks and as a standard practice just denies claims first from my experience.