Dog sick! Policy doubled $$$$$

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My dog was diagnosed with a disease. Eight months later when it was time to renew the policy....Pets Best more than doubled the yearly amount. When I called about the increase, I was told it was because they changed underwriters. When I received the renewal notice this year....IT INCREASED BY ANOTHER $600. This time I was told it was because of her age and breed. I realize that policies need to increase.....but not by $1200 in two years. This company takes advantage of pet owners with sick pets. I am sure they will triple next year. I wish I would have known about Trupanion when I bought insurance for my pet.

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Policy Charges
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/18/2014

Hi CK, our underwriter recently reviewed actuarial data and it became clear that certain pets are more likely to need veterinary care, typically due to age or breed, and those pets did see increases in premium. Many others, however, saw their prices stay the same or even decrease. Please note your premium is never based on your claims filing history. Our plans offer a greater variety of deductibles and reimbursement levels, so you can still get excellent coverage within your budget. There isn’t enough information here to contact you in person, but please call us at 877-738-7237 and we’ll be happy to go over plan options with you.

Posted: 07/22/2014

Sorry Pests Best...I just don't agree. You can't just change underwriters and then increase a policy by hundreds of dollars and claim it wasn't set right in the first place. I have had Pets Best for several years and when the new underwriter took on the new policy, ours went up by $500 per pet...incredible. You have changed underwriters at least 2 or 3 times. Buyers beware.

Posted: 01/28/2015

I am one of those customers who saw the same increase CK. Big time. I was told the same thing. First, it was new underwriters and then it was dependent on breed, location, and current vet pricing in my area. Our policy increased 46% and 42%. Last year it just about doubled. Its very frustrating.

Posted: 01/05/2015

Pets Best has changed underwriters at least three times since I was covered. The first change did not yield in any changes in premium except a minor increase. When it went from the second underwriter to the new one. Our premiums doubled for our seniors. We are talking hundreds of dollars. I am stuck with Pets Best because my pets have pre-existing conditions, but I did switch my one dog to PetPlan and couldn't be happier. Any additional pets will be added to PetPlan.