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I purchased Petplan in 2008 after researching many other companies and they plans offered. I had one boxer at the time, and wanted him to be covered in case of an emergency or illness. Several years went by and I had never filed a claim. My husband and I talked about canceling the plan, and just setting some money aside instead. Thank God we did not cancel our insurance! This time last year, we embarked on a series of major medical emergencies with our two boxers. My husband was unemployed at the time. In just a little over two months, we spent over $10,000 in surgeries for our two dogs. The claim process is easy, and the turnaround is fast. The customer service I have received is always warm and helpful. We have been through a tough year, losing two dogs and adopting some new ones as well. All of our dogs are covered, and we will NEVER be without insurance for them. I tell everyone I know how important it is and how happy we have been with PetPlan. It is important to research a plan before you purchase it. Some companies exclude conditions that are deemed hereditary, or have other conditions that you want to be aware of. I highly recommend Petplan, and am so grateful they have been there when we really needed them!

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Bloat/Gastric Torsion
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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