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Healthy Paws has been a godsend to my french bulldog Lola and I. Twice last month she had to have emergency vet visits. The first was after she was stung by yellow jackets and had respiratory distress and the second is when she had to stay in the hospital to be treated for hemorrhagic Gastrointeritis, which is a deadly phenomenon unless caught early. I had enough stress on my plate worring about my furbabies well being, it was nice not to have to stress about the medical costs as well. They do not cover the initial emergency vet visit fee, but every thing after that imcluding all diagnostic and medications, as well as over night stay, was covered. I have the $250 co pay and 80% and my monthly fee isn't bad at all. Completely affordable. I would recommend this service to everyone with a beloved pet. They are very prompt with payment as well. From claim to check was 11 days, 9 business days. On top of that I recently found out they were helping out with a french bulldog rescue and donated a good sum to them. I think that is amazing that they are giving back.

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Allergic reaction to yellow jackets
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French Bulldog

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