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I researched the heck out of pet insurance companies. Made the decision to go with Healthy Paws due to their outstanding reviews. And I am so glad I did. Our Honey Girl has been so well taken care of I still can't believe it. She needed TWO root canals and crowns this year. We've only been with HP for about a year prior. If our little girl didn't have this dental work she would have lost her two primary canine teeth. We certainly couldn't afford the $6K bill - but Healthy Paws covered 80% THAT'S AMAZING. We also learned a lot in this process. Please be warned that bully sticks and hard chew tows were to blame. We're now advocates of preventitive care and brush her teeth every day - yes we really are doing this. She's also on a water all natural additive to prevent tooth decay. Our out of pocket on these items was 100% (about $100 a year for special tooth paste and the healthy mouth wash) but considering the coverage with Healthy Paws we received for her surgery and caps, we owed it to our dog, our selves and our insurance company.
Healthy Paws sent us concerned and supportive emails checking in on Honey Girl and their follow up is amazing. I wish they were our health care company, I get better service from them than from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I highly recommend Healthy Paws!!!! Great team, superb coverage and wonderful peace of mind. Thank you to everyone at Healthy Paws - you're nice people :-)

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Posted: 11/18/2014

All of the info I've read about their policies, including the sample policy itself, excludes dental care from coverage. So why was this care covered?