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Healthy Paws is unparalleled pet insurance. My youngest pug, Bojangles "Bo" just had to have extensive surgery and polyups were discovered during the surgery. I swallowed hard at the surgical estimate, but from past experience (yes this is not the 1st time) I was able to say take care of my "Bo", I have Healthy Paws Insurance. Once the surgery was over all I needed to do was submit my claim and the Vet/Surgeon clinical notes (Healthy Paws already had "Bo's" health history) and within 3 days I had a note on the amount covered and my check within 5 days. I filed my claim on line, the only thing that could make it easier is if they offered direct deposit of the claim check. About a week later they follow up to make sure all is good and to see how you and your pet are doing. Everyone that works there must be required to love animals.

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urethral prolapse surgery, soft palate resection and stenotic nares surgery,
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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