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I signed up for pet insurance with Healthy Paws a couple of years ago, after hearing horrible stories about other people's insurance. So many people talked about never getting reimbursed for their bills, too many exclusions, etc. So I did my research & tried to pick a company that didn't have so many issues. I have been extremely happy with Healthy Paws since day one. They have paid every single claim in a timely fashion & some of my claims have been very large. One of my dog's got bone cancer & had to have a limb amputated. The surgery cost about $3000 & they reimbursed me 90% within less than 2 weeks. They have also paid for all the follow up care & my dog is still alive over a year later. My other dog recently was diagnosed with IBD & I spent over $2000 in a matter of weeks to get his digestive issues under control. Again, 90% reimbursement in a very short time period. These are just two examples of major issues. I could list lots of other less expensive health issues (i.e. allergies, upset tummy, removal of small skin growths, etc) that they have also reimbursed me for. I have 3 dogs so I'm at the vet quite often & I never have an issue with Healthy Paws. Their claims process is super easy, you can literally submit a scanned receipt online & you get a confirmation email that same day. I literally have zero complaints about my pet insurance & I can only say good things. I highly recommend them! They have an annual deductible, which is great. A lot of plans have a per-incid

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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