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My amazing border collie mix, Jessy, developed a myriad of GI related issues and it took a long time, tests, surgical biopsies and a few specialists to diagnose and treat her. She stopped eating entirely and was emaciated. I thought I was going to lose her and at 3 years old, I was not at all prepared to lose this loving, silly pup. But, her wonderful vet team and my willingness to do anything to help her, which means home made meals and treats, great medical care and lots of love!
I have another dog, Theo, who is Jessy's biological brother, who was rehomed to me when his adopters gave him up after three years. Theo came with EPI and is thriving on his special diet and enzymes. Recently, he developed a skin infection that took months and months to clear up.

Pet Plan Insurance has been unbelievably helpful…processing my mountains of submissions which have been disorganized, out of sequence and a bit messy. They are always available, kind and patient and willing to take as much time as needed to walk me through things I don't understand. I am so grateful I signed up for Pet Plan and am so grateful for the reimbursements…I have looked into their competitors and have talked to a lot of pet owners about other insurance companies and nobody ever seems pleased. That is not at all the case with Pet Plan. I am beyond pleased…they exceed my expectations in every way. Knowing I have Pet Plan insurance enables me to make sure my best friends will get the proper care a

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GI multiple issues and skin problems
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