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A few days ago, I would have given this service a 10/10. We thought it was wonderful. However, we no longer live an an area where we can use it. Because of this, we called to cancel back in November. I thought everything was taken care of. Since then, we've told so many people to use them, because, like I said, we thought it was wonderful. But the other day I was looking at my bank statement for something else, and realized money was still being taken out for the wellness plan...6 months after we thought we had cancelled. I called the corporate office, and found out that we were apparently supposed to call a different number than the one we had previously called (sure wish they had told us this earlier). They were reluctant to refund anything, you know, because it's their policy to steal. But, out of the goodness of their hearts, they conceded to refund 3 of our 6 months of unexpected and unwanted payments. What great people... They treated me like it was a huge deal that they were refunding so much, and that I should be happy. It's as if someone came in to our home, stole our stuff, got caught, but willingly handed back half of what they stole and expected us to tell them thanks. Don't use Banfield. Ever.

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wellness plan
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/14/2014

I also tried cancelling with Banfield after finding out you spend more (even with your so called discounts). Also, mixed up my dog with another dog leading me to think my dog needed additional test, and new meds. Wow, could have been devastating if I didn't pursue questioning. Cancelling Wellness Plan will make you mad! You can't outright cancel and not expect to pay up (total monthly charges up to your renewal date, or keep being charging your monthly up to your renewal date). My renewal date is in Sept, I have the basic plan, so I was charged about $75.00 (it's Jun now). I'll be checking in July to see if my monthly payment is taken out as well, I don't trust these folks. I thought they would just take out the regular monthly payment, not renew, and stop charging in Sept--but that is not the case. You're better off without the Banfield Wellness plan unless you don't mind spending extra money, and quality of care is not all that. Some of the techs are very caring a big plus, like the printed out health status report, but not worth the extra expense and record-keeping is not accurate.