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They do not provide the services that the claim. Instead of helping me with any of my $500 worth of animal related expenses, they instead increased my expenses by $20 per month per animal. So since October, I have paid Health Paws roughly $320. However, they only cover about 1/4 of what they say they do. The whole point of insurance is to get help in case your animal gets sick. So, for my cat that needed veterinary services, I have paid $160 thus far. He has bills of $500. 80% would be $400. After my $250 deductible, this would actually help me. However, they play very unfair games. The have my $160 (plus $160 for the other, healthy cat) and they finagle the numbers so that the covered percentage of $500 is somehow only $133.32. So it doesn't even begin to offset my deductible. Therefore, instead of helping at all, my $500 of expenses on Remy has become $660. Thanks healthy paws!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/01/2014

There were several factors that figured into your claims processing. Healthy Paws has very limited exclusions. We don’t cover pre-existing conditions (no pet insurance company does), the veterinary exam fee or preventative care (spay/neutering, vaccines, flea control, etc.). Throughout our website and during our quote/enrollment process, we are very transparent on our exclusions. Unfortunately, there were some charges on Remy’s claims that fell into one of the excluded categories. The balance of covered charges was applied to the $250 deductible you selected at enrollment. We hope that Remy is feeling better. Give your boys hugs from us!

The Healthy Paws Team