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I will never recommend this company to anyone! I called multiple times before I started a policy, what they told me seemed to good to be true. I asked multiple times, whats the catch. Sure enough after paying $50 a month for over a year, I finally had to use them. What a joke. $1200 vet bill that was broken up in 2 vet visits (so I could actually afford to pay it) and Trupanion says it is not the same problem! I called to verify it was indeed the same incident. They then said I need to have my vet email them a letter with all the info. So now I am begging my poor vet to take time out of his practice to email a ridiculous letter because one word was omitted from the issue description. On top of this they have changed my policy 3 times without telling me, resulting in being charged $10 more monthly for the last 7 months. So now I have to fight to not only get my vet bill paid, but reimbursed for the monthly fraud! Please take warning! This company is a scam. I know we all want to do whats best for our loved ones, but this will only stress and hurt you in the end!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/28/2015

Yes this company is truly a scam .They will take your money and increase your premiums by 20% every year and make you think they are there for your pet but in reality they are there to increase profits. I have paid over 10 thousand dollars on my dog out of pocket expense after they denied coverage and they used every loop hole to not pay out.I feel your pain.