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My family and I decided to help the local animal shelter by adopting two of their dogs. First came Frankie, who was 4-months at the time (hound mix) and then came Nacho (a pug mix) who was 1-2 years at the time. I never gave it a thought into buying health insurance until my local vet try to sell me one. When I read the brochure it didn't impress me much and I decided to do a google search. After much research and review at settled at TRUEPANION and what a wonderful match. Not only did it fit my budget but my needs. A couple of months later, our Frankie started limping and he was diagnosed with a torn knee ligament and had his first orthopedic surgery. A year later he had a luxating patella and another torn knee ligament on the opposite leg. What a journey and one that I couldn't have done myself as I was not only in panic mode every time but financially it would haven't been possible without TRUEPANION. Life happens and being parent is sure a learning curve. This year our pug-mixed was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and other digestive disorders and again TRUEPANION was there supporting us from day 1. As an animal guardian, it is my moral responsibility to take care of my dogs and by being vigilant about their diets, lifestyle, health screens, etc....that contribute to an overall wellness. I can't even imagine to put down a healthy and lovable animal because of money or worst for the mistakes one takes as an animal guardian (again the learning curve). My TRUEPANION experience has been stellar from friendly and supportive service over the phone (yes there has been times when I have called with a broken voice) to timely refunds. I wished my human insurance will work like TRUEPANION where the well-being of the pet is the priority while meeting the needs of the animal guardian. I am very thankful for every minute a TRUEPANION staff member has taken whether to take my call, fill out my form, process my refund check, or call to follow. But what I love the most about this relationship with TRUEPANION, is my ability to provide the best care to my two little angels and for that I will forever be grateful.

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orthopedic, cardio, and gastritis
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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