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I've had insurance on my boxer Ella since she was a baby and we switched over to PetFirst after being very disappointed with another carrier. Ella had two tumors in her mouth (as boxers sometimes get) and she had to have her gingival hyperplasia removed. Her bill was over $3,000.00 and within 2-3 weeks I got back 80% of her bill after her deductible. She has the $5,000 per year policy. Yes, it is expensive but I've done a spreadsheet on our premium costs versus our vet accident/illness costs and we do come out ahead. It's about Ella's quality of life and the decisions that all pet owners have to make at one time or another. The fact that we have insurance and don't have to deal with all the hassle of "is this covered or is that covered" isn't an issue with this policy. It's the peace of mind that allows me to breathe easy and know that I can take care of her as she deserves. She's my best friend and I can never give back what she has given me but at least I can try my best to make sure that she has all she needs.

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