Healthy Paws Insurance is truly a life saver.

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My four year old cat, Molly , threw up one evening, but otherwise she was playful and happy . It happened again during the night and then once more the next morning. I made an appointment with my vet for later that morning.
About 30 minutes later I checked on her. Molly's nose and gums were pale and she was barely breathing. I rushed her to the hospital and she was close to complete cardiovascular collapse. It took two and a half days of IV fluids, IV antibiotics (her temperature went to almost 104) and an ultrasound to diagnose and treat severe colitis.

The estimates for her care amounted to several thousand dollars. I was very worried about Molly, but I was not worried about the cost. I knew we were covered by Healthy Paws, so Molly was able to get the care she needed. This has a very happy ending. Molly is fine and back to swatting at the dog. Healthy Paws processed my claim quickly and I had my check within a week.

I consider health insurance for my pets as important as my own. Healthy Paws is the best.

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1 - 8

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